Cristina Newton

Spanish-born Cristina (Navazo-Eguía) Newton first published two full-length collections –La Frontera and Rutas de Largo Recorrido- in her native language, with work also included in several anthologies. She now lives in Britain, where her poems have appeared in journals and found a place as runner-ups at Bridport, Gregory O’Donoghue, Aesthetica and Nottingham, and recently achieved a commendation at the Troubadour International Poetry Prize. She won the Poetry London Competition 2011 with her poem ‘Edison Peña Runs the Six Miles’. ‘Doe at Horner Woods’ and ‘A Line through Exmoor’ won 1st and 3rd prizes respectively at Hope Bourne Poetry Competition 2012. Her first full collection in English, Cry Wolf, received a Straid Award in 2012 and has been published by Templar Poetry. Cry Wolf has reviews by Steve M. Critelli and George Szirtes and  soon due by Lesley Saunders.

Poems by Cristina have been included in Long Poem Magazine, The Interpreter’s House, PN Review, Poetry London, Exmoor Review, Southword, Assent, Aesthetica, Domestic Cherry, Swindon Unlocked, Simon’s Song, A Day in The Life of 100 Women in Britain, and other publications.

She organises the Battered Moons Poetry Competition, which has gathered force under a string of eminent poets as judges: Martin Malone, Lesley Saunders, Michael Symmons Roberts, Alice Oswald and David Morley. She holds an MA in English Language and Literature with the University of Valladolid and has worked as a lecturer in Spain and UK. She was part of the Travellers without Baggage project, a tribute to Valerie Clarke featuring Mimi Khalvati, and Separate Ways, on Swindon’s Museuom collection of art, led by Tamar Yoseloff. She is also involved in education, workshops and performances of poetry and cante hondo singing.


Cry Wolf
Templar Poetry

Troubadour International Poetry Prize

Hope Bourne Poetry Competition

‘Kissing’, at And Other Poems

Poetry London Competition 2011

PN Review 205, May-June 2012

SOUTHWORD journal – Gregory O’Donoghue Prize

‘Daughter’ – Peony Moon

‘Welcome to Eritrea’ at Counter Punch


Cry Wolf – by George Szirtes – by Stephen Critelli

Battered Moons, with David Morley and others, at Swindon Festival of Poetry

Vanguard Readings


Cheltenham Poetry Festival



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    • My pleasure. And a joy to hear you read ‘About the Fish in Lake Langano’ again. I don’t think my of my own website, which languishes with neglect, but thank you for the kind words. You may have prompted me to shake it up a bit. Hope to see you at the next Troubadour.

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